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What in the world is Deb reading now?

Customers frequently ask me, “What’s a good book to read?” and I’m happy to hand them a copy of What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan.  This book hooked me from first page to last.  It’s the story of a recently divorced young mother who finds herself a person of interest when her son disappears from their walk in the park.  The investigating officer, her son’s school, her friends, blogging strangers and especially her ex-husband all KNOW that Rachel has done something unspeakable to her son.  Only her sister rallies around Rachel, a sister, it is soon discovered who has a rather large skeleton in her own closet.  Rachel is at first devastated, full of guilt and self-recrimination.  But as the investigation continues Rachel becomes convinced that she and only she cares enough about Ben to find out what really happened.  But Rachel isn’t alone in her attempts to locate her son.  Detective Inspector James Clemo has also given over his life to find Ben, but what is Jim’s true motivation for locating Ben?  A fabulous whodunit!  

Here are some great new titles and old favorites to browse

The first in a trilogy: Interesting to see how this can happen, and, of course, it's Texas..... gotta love it.
All these and many, many more available now.
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If you’ve not seen (and touched and enjoyed) Press Here by Hervé Tullet, you’ll still enjoy the latest from Mr. Tullet, Let’s Play.  Children (and adults, admit it, you love children’s books as much as the kids) follow the guidance of the familiar yellow dot (star of Press Here), and using their finger trace the thin line that takes them on a roller coaster of finger travel.  We ride a carousel, sneak through a dark cave, play hide and seek and along the way somehow manage to learn to follow simple instructions: up, down, left, right, top, bottom, clap, and, my favorite, shhhhhhh!  With your child or grandchild on your lap, when you near the end of this magical journey and yellow dot asks “do you want to play some more?” you’ll both say YES!  I’m always excited to recommend great children’s books, and this is one of the best.  Let’s Play is for all ages and stages.

Herbs and Organics
If we don't have it, we'll find it for you!

The long-awaited sequel to The Third Target I couldn't wait to start this know you've got a great book when things you KNOW you should be doing get pushed aside just because you CANNOT put this book down.  If you've not read Joel Rosenberg before,  come in and let me show you his books.  You'll not be sorry.  More than just a great summer read, you'll tell your friends about this one!

The latest from Beverly Lewis
The FOXFIRE Collection 

Hog Dressing
Log Cabin Building
Mountain Crafts and Foods
Planting by the Signs
Snake Lore
Hunting Tales
Faith Healing

And that's just the first book in this 12 book series.  
Collect them all!
"The further a society drifts from the truth,
the more it will hate those that speak it."
~ George Orwell